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Unstable Ground
2 channel DVD
8:45 mins
Stereo sound


Unstable Ground is a video portrait of two men – an amateur artist and pianist – who visit a mental-health care facility. The facility is a re-furbished family mansion that was bequeathed to the Tasmanian government to care for people with ‘incurable illness’. The video follows the men as they negotiate public, private and internalised spaces – fiction and reality are confused as one of the men cover's his apartment in his brightly coloured drawings while the other plays a grand piano to an empty theatre. A narrative structure is formed through subtitled text which connects aspects of the their experiences – despite them remaining completely isolated from each other.


  unstable-sm-1 unstable-sm-2  
  unstable-sm-3 unstable-sm-4  
  Installation view, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; photo: Jenni Carter
> Primavera 2010 (PDF)