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A Sort of Shadow
2 channel HD video, each channel with stereo sound
35:50 mins


[...] The character moves to the middle of the room, stares forward as if focusing approximately one metre directly in front and begins to breathe heavily. As the character’s breathing becomes more and more emphatic they begin a movement caused by a rapid and focused tensing and releasing of the muscles. Eventually their breathing slows. The character is now moving rhythmically as if pushing against something invisible directly in front of them.

The character is intensely focused on maintaining rhythm while performing a series of repetitive actions which appear to be partly improvised and partly rehearsed. The character must not close their eyes, they must always remain focussed, either on the shadow in front of them, which is in fact an image of their own reflection, repeating everything they do in reverse. Otherwise they must project forward, approximately one to one and a half metres to an invisible other, an antagonist who follows their every movement and is always one step ahead and never tires, the antagonist is also a sort of shadow [...]

(text from exhibition screenplay)

download PDF of screenplay



This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.    
  Installation view, Lumiar Cite, Lisbon
> Exhibition documentation (PDF)