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Say it like you want it
2 channel HD video with quadraphonic sound
7:30 mins

We Are The People
Single channel HD video with stereo sound
1:30 mins


Say it like you want it is a video of staged protest/demonstration which incorporates signs, slogans and ideologies taken from opposing political positions which have been decontextualised from their original sources. The work was filmed in Liverpool UK within a community theatre space and reveals an artificial social encounter that brings together a group of non-professional actors who were provided with pre-made banners, masks, flags and disguises. The performers were paid an hourly fee for their time.

By participating in the 'protest' the performers were asked to try to temporarily erase their identity and personal ideologies and perform someone else's words, which may or may not resonate with their own belief. The work explores the spaces between hearing something, saying something, understanding something and believing in something.

The video is exhibited alongside documentation of an Orange Order march which was filmed in Toxteth, Liverpool - the site of the infamous 1981 Toxteth riots.

> Mick Wilson essay PDF

> Interview with the Star of Toxteth, District 7 of the Loyal Orange Institution of England (PDF)


  [...] Well a long time ago we used to be antagonistic in this city, when we were kids we used to be really bad and we'd go out and throw things but the other day we went to the cathedral a fortnight ago – the Anglican Cathedral for St. Georges day and we went to church to worship, and we'll be going a few weeks on Sunday, yeah to celebrate the rights to walk the streets if you like but we're going to worship, it's as simple as that. 12th of July we will celebrate the victory of the Battle of the Boyne because without that we wouldn't have the rights to walk the streets, we wouldn't have a parliament like we've got now, we wouldn't have a Bank of England like we've got now, there are a heck of a lot of things that we wouldn't have. I must say we would have a bank of some sort but there are a lot of things that wouldn't have come through because of what William did that may not or may have been vastly different. But we will celebrate the 12th of July because basically that's what gives us our freedoms didn't it? So yeah it is a celebration but basically the bands walk along and we play and people walk behind and if you don't like it you've only got to turn your back, or go in a shop and it will be gone soon enough you know? So we don't set out to antagonise you or him or her but we just go out anyway and celebrate and that's it. [...]

Excerpt from interview with District 7 of the Loyal Orange Institution of England
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  Installation view, Anne Landa Award,Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
> Anne Landa Award 2013 (PDF)