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Video projection onto marble; coloured fluorescent lights; sound; digital prints; performance


Island attempts to imagine an 'uninhabited' island through artificial and virtual representations of its natural environment. This landscape is constituted by elements including a google video that skims across the surface of an island without streetview; a permanent sunset created by a combination of fluorescent lights; an acoustic aurora; a circumnavigation of the island wtihin the space of a small room; and so on.

Island is part of an ongoing body of work that explores how we imagine islands today, what the idea of an uninhabited island allows us to imagine and how an act of withdrawal to such a place might be performed.


“I replace their desire to return to their homes and cities with the ancient dream of the desert island. Like children, each day they would ask me to repeat for them the description of that island where they would be happy. They began to imagine it vividly, obsessively.”
Adolfo Bioy Casares, ‘A Plan For Escape’



island 2

  island 3  
  coordinates stone  
  This exhibition was presented by invitation of Andre Trindade and Filipa Cordeiro - at their studio, Rua de Arroios 22A, Lisboa
Performer: Matthieu Ehrlacher
  island island  
  island island  
  This exhibition was presented at Visual Bulk, Hobart, Tasmania
Performer: Benjamin Allen