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96 pages, black and white

Published by A Published Event as part of Lost Rocks


Also, forming words, sentences, phrases is difficult. Even if you know words you can’t find them. You can’t pull them out. We sit, patiently, watchingyou try and make the connection between seeing the words, knowing their sound, and making them emerge from your throat. That action you do with your hands, trying to push them forward over the gap in your head, or when you put your fingers in your mouth, pulling them from somewhere within. It’s not working yet. We have to try and find the words. They are there, just locked away, still crystallised.

We look for patterns, little triggers that stimulate more complex patterns, that form layers of association, that bring forth air in your lungs, that fill pockets of air in your mouth, that bring forth words, that we can hear and understand. Not so much erased as rearranged. We are not concerned with recreating the things that trigger the associations. We are concerned with the points of connection between the things. The network that has been ruptured. The things themselves remain, they are protected and you protect them. Even if the thing has corroded, its form is embedded, and with time that form can be remade. For now, it’s aquestion of access.