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Dream of April
12 mins

Commissioned by Tura New Music, curated by Jack Sargent
Vocals and arrangement: Sonya Holowell
Keyboard: Jonathan Holowell:


Dream of April is a reflection upon the experience of being in lockdown. The film navigates through dark tunnels, internal spaces, ‘illegal’ gardens located on the periphery of Lisbon and images of recent protests.

In Portugal, the 25th of April is particularly significant, marking the day in 1974 that a peaceful coup, also known as the Carnation Revolution, overthrew Europe’s longest-running dictatorship. The coronavirus lockdown is the first ’state of emergency’ to be announced by the Portuguese government since the 25th of April Revolution, serving to exemplify two very different yet uniquely-charged experiences of a state of crisis.

Dream of April explores the complexity within a state of emergency through silence and noise, precarity and resilience, and the inevitable gardens that respond and adapt. Dream of April is structured around the logic of a dream.