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To Catch a Tiger
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
November 5th, 2011 – March 25th 2012
Commissioned as part of the 'Star/Dust' series
with the support of Detached Cultural Foundation


To Catch a Tiger explores the spaces between memory and history, fact and fiction, desire and loss.

Within the exhibition the Thylacine is presented as a point of connection between broader issues and opinions related to political and environmental subjects such as conservation, forestry and scientific ‘truth’.

The exhibition brings together interviews with several Thylacine experts and enthusiasts. At times the recorded conversations exist in stark contrast to each other – creating points of confusion and contradiction – while also being absolutely rational and informed by direct personal experience and in-depth research. A collection of images is presented alongside these interviews. Historic material is combined with the artist’s own imagery – history, artifice, fantasy and the Tasmanian landscape creates a web of references.

To Catch a Tiger is an exhibition, which offers propositional narratives that reveals insights into a human compulsion to connect with something that is just out of reach. It is in this space that multiple notions of truth map a landscape of conflict and desire.